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Github Actions set-env deprecation
Swift initial contact
Fresh laptop setup
CICD tooling
Crapp to Cloud

Art of Communication
Value of Certifications


CV - Linkedin

Initial contact with Swift + Vapor

Notes of taking over a 3 year old business critical swift project.


3 year old swift + vapor classic webapp. 1 man band has put this cloud app with 3 logins and 10 integrations together running in aws. Looks good.

Not quite. Communications are down. I’m mostly left alone to figure it out by myself. One unhelpful dude with diverting and unclear answers to all my questions.

I’m moving from Azure to AWS. I’m new to swift. Never heard of Vapor before. I’ve not done fullstack coding for about 1.5 years. Great!

And covid-19.

I have the fortune of a challenge on this one.

I’m in for a bumpy ride…

On the bright side all the people in the office is really nice :)


As a 1-man army, as a colleague of mine said, I’m doing poorly. I’m mostly stuck in the muddy plains of cold Russia. Mostly a matter of time until defeat.

People need people do talk to. Brainstorm with. And share frustrations with. Receive some empathy every now and then.

This is where we as individuals have to reflect and figure our selves out. Be brave. Admit failure and ask for help. I, as most other people, have room for improvement on this. Ask early share willingly.

Every problem is a people problem…

Stick to the basics

Go back to your roots of developer knowledge. The tried and tested mentalities and techniques will get you there in the end.


Have a motto

I have a motto. That really helps!

Patience, Persistence, Positivity! It's a Process.

## Did I mention it was business critical? To be continues…