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Volunteer work

I’m engaged in organizing two LAN parties. It’s cool. It’s giving. And shows good character. And you learn something as well.

Previously I was heavily involved while studying. Then I was at Samfundet, the student society. 5 great years of socializing, learning IT, and drinking beer. Good times! Also important times for forming me into the person I am today.

The experiences and network you get from volunteering is a thing to be proud of.

LAN parties

Thats a Local Area NetworK party. You bring all your friends and their computers. The network and power is placed by the organizers/crew, and then you enjoy gaming and geeking out with your friends in a bubble for a few days.

The Gathering. I’ve been in the tech crew there since TG 2016. And I have learned so much new stuff.

Polarparty. My close to home hobby since fall 2015. I had my fist year in the security crew, then I moved to the tech crew. This year I finally feel that I’m tight with the guys in the tech crew. While not fixing something technical we talk about life and share our experiences. This brings people closer together.

It’s sort of weird to start volunteering after you have gotten a proper job. I feel sort of old as a crew member at 30. But there are older people in the crews, and younger. The important thing is to enjoy the ride and create something. Give people the opportunity to have a good time.


In 2020 we hosted Polarparty 28.5 and 28.75. Two short parties instead of one. Due to covid-19 restrictions we needed to do that. And it worked out well. Despite all of the “don’t don’t don’t” lock down situation we managed to host a social event for 200 teenagers during their fall vacation week. That’s reason for a pat on the back for us!

When you are responsible for an organisation or group of people you constantly evaluate your decisions. This is to ensure the highest amount of safety while providing a service. If you don’t host anything it’s bad. If you do something it has to be safe. This edge of responsibility makes you thread carefully. You learn how to deal with the uncertainties that life presents.

As a Student

While I was Studying I joined Under Dusken, the Student Newspaper. I started as a coder, quickly became the ‘Maskinist’, head of IT. No one else wanted to. So suddenly I was the one people turned to. For better or worse. This makes you grow fast. Because you want to help your friends and colleagues out. So you figure out the problem and fix it. Please the people. Then you celebrate and drink beer with them. Having a good time.

After about 2 years we got someone new to take that responsibility. So that I could focus on being the Bar chief. I co managed the student newspaper bar with a friend of mine. Making sure the beer was always available. Ensuring that washing the floors, and cleaning was in order. Ensuring that the economy was god and that we had some money saved for maintenance of the place.

Then I joined Samfundets Interne Teater. As a backdrop builder for the theatre I broadened my horizon and met many new people. Even under the same roof the culture was different. People with a theatrical interest are in my experience more extroverted and more artistic. While the news desk was more of an introverted camp.

At some point in the middle I became the Chief of IT for the consolidated student media. The newspaper, radio, and TV joined to one organisation. Thus providing a fantastic learning experience. This is where I learned that shielding your people from the outside gives them room and safety to do their job.

On a humoristic note I say that I got my education at Samfundet, while getting my degree as a side gig.

Being formed

As I mentioned above, volunteering forms you as a person. It creates character. You get additional purpose in your life. You make new friends. And you learn some new skills and something about yourself.

I think that by pure chance I have gotten some of the opportunities that have given me these experiences and people skills.

Labour is the currency of the volunteers. We do a job and we do it together. There is no “I don’t want to”, or “Someone else can do that”. Everyone carries their share of the work and contributes in a positive manner. The work is shit at times, but we all know that stepping up to the task makes you a respectable member of the group.

people skills As a part of the group you learn to adapt. You learn to talk to people. You learn to be tolerant. You learn that your point of view is never the correct one. It’s always better with input from more people. And you learn that failing is natural. We fail and overcome. Everyone is supportive of that, and helps you out when they can. You learn that in the heat you cal for help and help is there for those who ask. People in general are more than willing to help out. And that’s an admirable thing.


There is always a lack of leadership. In one way or another there is movement that creates cracks in the crust of the universe. These cracks are voids of leadership that needs to be filled. And that’s where people with a conscience step up to the plate and accepts the burden of responsibility.

Stepping up to the responsibility reaches to the core of true leader. They cannot stand on the sidelines and accept bad situations without doing something. We step up because someone has to. It’s what’s the right thing to do. Take action where action is needed. Be supportive, and set a direction. Make mistakes, own them, apologize, become better.

One of the shittier parts of leading people is when they don’t contribute. They have natural reasons most of the time, but even so it’s a challenge to deal with. People who don’t contribute are for the most part unengaged. Or they don’t get the support they need to complete their tasks. This is the primary challenge of a leader. Sometimes this is fixable, other times it’s not. When it’s not a leader has to step up to the responsibility, care for all the individuals of the group, and help people move on.

It’s all about collaborating and enabling people to do what they love. If people do what they want to they will excel at it. Fortunately it’s nearly always a productive endeavour people want to participate in. People want to do meaningful things. So we collaborate to make them do just that. A leader must pick up on the mood of the environment, adapt to it, and improve upon it to make people flourish.

To motivate people and create productive environment for personal and professional growth is the primary task of a leader. And, you know what? It might also be fun! Fun to see the people around you grow into their true potential.