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The art of communication

Thoughts after and while reading the book “The art of communicating” by Thich Nhat Hanh.

On communicating about your suffering

When I’m suffering I find it challenging to communicate in a positive and loving manner. My inner dialogue portrays others as culprits and wrong doers. I’s a tiering conversation. It’s very easy for the negativity to sneak in. It’s easy to know that this negativity is not real.

Catching yourself in the moment of negative inner dialogue is important. When the blame game starts I know it’s not right. If I blame others there might be something wrong with me. Se we, me and myself, figure out why this thing bothers me before we blame anyone. This process takes time.

Loving self communication is the start of good communication with others. If you can communicate well with yourself you can communicate well with others.

The book is about communicating the truth in a good way. When you suffer you might think it’s because of someone else. In that situation communicate with yourself and find out why you suffer. It might be because you are not true to yourself.

When you suffer inside, communicate it to the world. Ask and you shall receive. Saying it our loud helps to define your state of mind and feelings. Communicate your suffering will help alleviate it. While communicating it’s important to do it mindfully. Attacking others because your suffer will not reduce suffering. Communicate lovingly and in a way that you want the help of others.