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Crap to Cloud


Do you have a lot of old legacy crap? Are you at a stage where morale is low and despair is high. That’s when people are fed up, and start shoveling the crap. So that’s what people do. Because there are nobody else to do it. That’s what responsible people in organisations with responsibilities do.

They start moving in a direction. To get movement. Like your car stuck in the mud. Rock it back and forth to get traction. Try to get your footing back so you can move forwards.

Some interesting aspects to consider.

Timeline - What would you like this to be completed? History - What have you tried before? Which experiences can you learn from? Culture - Is you organisation ready? Eager? And which approach should your org take?

The plan

The basic lift and shift plan is to “just move everything”. Then you figure out thats quite difficult. So you start to analyse the situation you have. Actually looking at the crap you have in your garage and how old your lawn mower is… that’s an ugly truth nobody want to talk about.

Sometimes I think the basics are:

The you start digging your way into a ditch. Digging in a digression that will take forever. Did you do the good old traditional project management approach? Fun times for the spreadsheet guru! But when did that ever put things in motion?


Share progress and be transparent.


Time passes and people move on. The result are what they are. But in my experience not good. Early adoption on small things are best. Get in get experience. Get value. Then get compliance. Rome was not built in one day. Probably the first 300 years was spend figuring out there the entrance was. Then buildings formed.

What I’m saying is that it takes a lot of time to build competence. And while you do that you need to have return on your investments, aka get the value out fast! Figuring out how the cloud will give you value is the most important thing. Then you can focus on getting that value out of it. All the other details will subordinate under the value goal.

Where is the quick win?

In the lining. Keep compliance at bay so that you can move the tech stuff.