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Evaluating CICD solutions

The gut feeling of choice is github or Jenkins.

I might be biased in the matter, so take this with a pinch of salt.

General word definitions

In general the words used can be confusing. So keep it precise. It’s important that everyone involved understands the conversation.


Cloud and on-prem server. Cloud has pipeline functionality, this is lacking on the on-prem server. Self-hosted build agents are missing.

By looking at the bitbucket web pages for information there is little that suggests that self-hosted is viable for the future. Compared to the little I know about github self-hosted capabilities Bitbucket becomes nearly useless.

Pipeline build minutes are quite expensive. $10 per 1000 minutes easily gives you a cost of $6k/month 100 repos => 10 builds/repo/day => 7.5min/build => 7500 build minutes => $80/day => 20days/month => $1600/month.


You need more tools with this one. Here we have a case of FOSS with it’s do oen thing and that one thing good.

This specialization might not be what everyone wants. And it can leave a mess of other systems you have to manage besides this one.


Has cool integrations between on-prem and cloud. Nearly the same functionality in both. Connection between them makes it nice.

Github Packages are not up to snuff. As far as I have heard there are issues with the package repos and build system configs such as maven and nuget.

Github also bought NPM, yay for js devs.

Github actions cost is 0.008 per build minute. Compared to bitbucket this gives us a rough estimate: 7500 minutes per day => $60/day => $1200/month


Concourse is a “continuous task doer”. That’s it. Nothing around it. As far as I can tell. Which means that parameters have to be defined in the pipeline definitions externally, typically in a repo, or set by a 3rd party tool such as Jira or Fly.

Fly, the command line tool that follows concourse is such an external tool for interacting with jobs in concourse.

It becomes challenging for me to see how you can trigger a build/run for a specific branch in a specific repository when you have a pipeline library to reduce the amount of pipeline definitions.

Azure DevOps

I’m no fan of the repos and UI. It’s a struggle to find repos and in general getting an overview of what is where.

The repos in themselves are git, so that’s OK. The pipelines are also nice, yml definitions. And the integration to azure is good. If you need it.

But as microsoft ha bought Github, what do we think will happen to azure DevOps? I’m not sure it will exist in a couple of years. Why support two competing products when one is vastly more used and loved by developers?